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Plants I've Successfully Kept Alive

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Turns out, being in your 30’s means plants become a very big, important part of your life. I love my plants so much that I get excited to water them and then tend to over-water them. Oops. But thankfully I’ve been able to keep a few alive! And I bet you could, too. Here’s the list.

Spider Plant:

My sister in law got my husband and I this spider plant as a housewarming gift two years ago and I’ve kept it alive this whole time!!! It looks a little bare right now because I had to cut out a few pieces because TJ overwatered here while I was away, but typically these grow to be pretty full. They also produce babies (actually called spiderettes) at the end of some of the leaves, which is um, FREE PLANTS! I’ve had success snipping those off and re-potting them straight into a new little pot.

I have given a few of the babies to clients part of closing gifts, I gave one to my mom and I’ve re-potted two more in my own home. It’s the plant that keeps on giving, I tell ya!

I’ve found that it does really well with good light but it can still grow with indirect light. It’s not super picky on water but it prefers to get on the dryer side as opposed to staying too wet.

This one in the white and green pot came from a baby less than a year ago!

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Starfish Plant

I picked this QT up from the cutest gift shop downtown, Cannonborough Collective maybe a year ago and I’ve successfully kept it alive all this time! Ps It was grown by Meeting Green, a garden/nursery downtown that you should definitely check out for all your indoor and outdoor plant needs!

I water it a little bit here and there. It gets decent light but it’s not directly in front of a window. I’ve had zero issues keeping this baby alive and well. My mom has one in her bathroom that as far as I can tell gets absolutely no sunlight and it’s thriving. The pros say try to water only when it’s dry.

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ZZ Plant

I found this at Lowes labeled “Plant of Steel” and I was like, DONE. Put it in tha cart.

It’s been in our bedroom on the wall opposite the windows getting not-so-great indirect light and it’s doing well. It’s even sprouted a couple new stems (?) in the couple months I’ve had it.

It likes moderately moist soil. I water it a little bit every week or so.

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Pothos Varieties

The one on the bench I’ve had a few months, and the one in the hanging planter I’ve had for only about a month but they are both doing great. They were recommended to me as an “easy to keep alive” plant when I was looking to add something I didn’t already have. There are only so many easy-care plants! Plus I specifically wanted something that would cascade over the pots in the hanging planter as it grew.

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FYI- they are poisonous — so don’t let your dog munch on them. My dogs aren’t plant-eaters, so yours may not either but be especially careful with a puppy if it’s within their reach.

These require very little light and aren’t super picky on their soil quality. I water a little bit every week-ish.

Hope this has helped some of you with not-so-green thumbs!