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Detoxing My Charleston Home Week No. 5 | Tupperware Alternative


Does anyone else’s husband microwave food in a tupperware? *CRINGE*. If this doesn’t make you cringe, you need to read on! Either way. . . let me tell you why I threw out all my plastic tupperware!

Tupperware is a necessary evil. As much as I absolutely hate it because my tupperware drawer never stays organized for long, it’s something I use often and my husband uses every day for his work lunches. The Weber household can’t escape them.

My concerns with plastic tupperware is microwaving food in them, as well as storing food in them.

First off, IF you are still using plastic tupperware, please at least make sure it is BPA-free. It is still up for debate whether microwaving food in BPA-free containers is safe or not. However, BPA is often replaced with BPS, which could be even more toxic. Studies show that it’s now found in 81 percent of blood tested in humans and that it can lead to ailments such as diabetes, obesity, asthma, birth defects and cancer.

Then you have to think about how that BPA/BPS and other potential chemicals in plastic is seeping into the food that is stored in the plastic tupperware. Yuck!

In addition, per Week No. 3’s blog post about Harmful EMF’s: The microwaves we use in our homes emit electromagnetic frequencies that can be harmful to your health. That being said, using microwaves may be harmful in itself, but, combining those EMF’s with heating up plastic. . . I don’t like the sounds of it.

Tupperware is something that is used in our daily lives, and even more so in my husband’s because he brings his lunches to work and microwaves them 5 days a week, every week. I could no longer stand the idea of him microwaving all his lunches in plastic— BPA-free or not.

Why not elect for something different, just to be safe?

So I bought glass containers to replace the plastic and I’m loving them.

I bought one set with all different shapes and sizes and a 3-pack specifically useful for my husband’s lunches.

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They stack well in my drawer, are way easier to clean and keep clean than the plastic stuff, and I personally think they look way nicer in the fridge :D

Simple things, folks!

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