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Detoxing My Charleston Home Week No. 4 | Scented Candles

When my husband and I first started dating I told him if he’s stuck on a gift to get me for whatever holiday, a candle or massage (or both) will do. I LOVE candles. Unfortunately in the process of this home detox project I have discovered that all the fragrances in my beloved candles (balsam and cedar, clean cotton. . . if you know, you know) are made up of many toxins. *sigh* But don’t worry, I have solutions for us!

I went into this in both Week No. 1 and Week No. 2 regarding the health affects of fragrance in our household items, so it may seem like I am beating a dead horse here. But these truly are the top items I’ve tackled replacing for safer items, so I am sharing them with you nonetheless.

Because candles are very important to me!!! I can’t let them go, you guys.

Never fear my fellow basic bitches, I’ve found us some safer options!

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A local Charleston company called Park and Madison has a line of aromatherapy blends that I am loving. I actually reached out to the owner to confirm the ingredients in their aromatherapy blends, and they are as follows:

Pure essential oils

Soy wax (no paraffin)

Cotton core wicks (no lead)

Also dye free.

These are an excellent safer option. I’ve been enjoying the eucalyptus mint and I want to get the grapefruit and spearmint next!

Jenna, the owner is offering you all a promo code for 10% off any order: use promo code Welcome10.

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In addition to Park and Madison, I bought and finished this Belgium Lavender candle that I found on Amazon. The ingredients are the same as above. It made my house smell like a spa. Mmmmm….

They had another scent called Pure Clove when I first found this brand a month-ish ago, so check back later if you don’t see it there now.

These two are the budget-friendly options I found, but if you’re not afraid to splurge and/or want to explore different scents, The Detox Market lists a few other scrumptious non-tonic alternatives.

I’m not done yet— Stay tuned for Week No. 5!