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Master Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

Buying a fixer upper means I am constantly researching, pinning, liking, saving and googling inspiration for all the parts of our house that I want to freshen up in the future. The kitchen is a big one, but also a very expensive one, so I’d really love to tackle the master bathroom next, as soon as we can afford it. (pls Uncle Sam be generous to us this tax season!)

The master bathroom vanity is, like much of the house, original from 1986. The left faucet handle is hanging by a thread, the counter tops are just awful, and for some reason, there’s cabinetry in only half the vanity. Actually if there was full cabinetry I could probably do the same thing I did to the kitchen (paint cabinets, put on new hardware, and apply contact paper on the countertops) to snazz (is that a word?) it up and tolerate it for a bit. Alas, it’s a wreck, so I’ve been dreaming up what I’d love to do there ASAP!

See below for the current situation. Eek!!!

charleston fixer upper
charleston fixer upper

Here’s a photo I shared on my Instagram from McGee and Co last summer and it’s still essentially exactly what I’d love.

I’m proud of myself for loving this because it’s not gray or white!! But also still pretty neutral. I think it would accent our bedroom really well: dark wood furniture, gold accent lamps, white textured duvet cover and navy/white area rug.

If you live in the Charleston area, particularly Mount Pleasant, you may know that we just got a shiny new Home Depot. AND it’s less than 2 miles from my house! So, I started searching through their website to see how I could duplicate this look.

This is the vanity I love most. Sleek with a touch of modern and traditional. And lots of storage! We need that badly right now.

Pretty, right? I like this other navy one too.

A really nice, more affordable version, except I can’t quite tell what color the hardware is on the vanity. I think it’s more of a brass and less of a gold? Hmm. Regardless, I dig it.

On to mirrors. I love the rectangle mirrors in the inspiration photo. But I’ve always been a HUGE fan of round mirrors. So it’s a bit of a toss up for me on which I’d go for. I think I’d have to buy both and test them out. What do you think?

You can find the round mirror here and rectangle one here.

And lighting! We have track lighting opposite the wall with the mirror that I actually don’t hate, so we don’t really need a “useful” light fixture, knowimsayin’?

Here’s a few options I am drooling over.

The first one is my favorite!! But like I said, I’m not sure we need useful lighting so I don’t know if we’d really need two sets of these even though they are beautiful. So maybe I could put one of the sconces in between the mirrors? I like the third one because I think the metal matches best with the cheaper vanity.

Sorry that this blog is mostly me talking out loud LOL

I like to put ideas on paper. And maybe it helps someone else brainstorm, or provides some inspiration or ideas. I just have fun with it! Buying a fixer upper is a double edged sword; we get to make it our own, but it’s a looong process to make it “perfect”. I hope you like following along.