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A Different Kind of Backsplash

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You know my blue and white zig zag backsplash I put in my kitchen a few months ago when I did the refresh? Here’s a secret you may or may not know—it’s actually wallpaper!

Every time I share a photo of my kitchen, I get several questions and comments about the “tile.” I love shocking people by telling them it’s wallpaper. 

The reason I chose to do wallpaper is because I simply didn’t want to spend the money on nicer backsplash since the refresh I did is temporary until we renovate the whole kitchen. I wanted to do as little work with as little money as possible. When we bought the house, the kitchen was entirely original from 1986 (except a newer dishwasher and fridge). The cabinets were the original glossy wood and the counters were laminate, along with the backsplash area. It was all terrible! So I spent less than $500 to make it look prettier in the meantime.

Wallpaper backsplash could be an option for others sprucing up a space temporarily, those on a budget, or those looking to do something a little different! 

I’m sharing a few other options that I think are cool, and also won’t break the bank. They’re all peel and stick like mine, making it as quick and simple as possible.

Note: these aren’t all meant for kitchens, but they’re all tile-esque and so I think they could translate well in a kitchen space.

I could imagine this one looking FAB with some white upper cabinets and navy lower cabinets!!

via  Amazon

via Amazon

Love this one!! Clean and simple. It also comes in gold, and a bold black and gold!

via  Amazon

via Amazon

Shown as a front to a console but this one could totally be a simple-and-a-little-funky backsplash for a pop of color.

via  Amazon

via Amazon

This neutral wallpaper literally looks like tile. I wouldn’t think twice if I saw it in real life. Love it.

Last one: the tried and true white subway tile. Except you never have to clean any grout :)

via  Target

via Target

And there you go! What do you think? Is this something you’d consider doing in your kitchen? If so, I’d love to see photos of what you do, whether you chose one of these wallpapers or another. Tag me! Have fun!

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