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My Favorite Things - Charleston-made Gift Guide

photo credit to @carolately

A couple weeks ago I featured a list of some of my favorite local shops for your holiday shopping this year. Today’s edition is a bit more specific: My favorite Charleston- made products. PLUS three fun local activities to gift someone on your list! Keeping reading, because most of these business owners offer a special promo code to my readers!

suite 33 charleston

Suite 33 Magnolia Tote | Shop This Tote & Her Other Products Here

I love everything Emily designs! How pretty is this? The tote comes in 4 other prints inspired by the Lowcountry and it’s made here in Charleston. It folds nicely so it’s easy to pack and bring on your next trip!

Emily is offering 25% off your order with the promo code TCH25!

meeting and market candles charleston

Meeting and Market Candles | Shop This Scent & More Here

Who doesn’t love a candle?! Personally I am burning at least one candle in the house at all times! These candles are hand poured in Charleston and I love that they burn for a long time— 50-55 hours. Marc at Meeting and Market can help you customize the labels for weddings, baby showers, corporate gifts, etc.

charleston welcome beads

Welcome Beads | Shop Welcome Beads Here

Welcome beads are a symbol of hospitality and blessing for loved ones in your home. Shannon and her family hand paint the beads and hand pick every oyster shell. Colors and designs are totally customizable. This would be a special gift for someone new to Charleston or someone who just bought a home.

Shannon is offering 10% off your order when you mention The Charleston Home!

the restored board charleston

The Restored Board | Shop Their Handcrafted Boards & Other Products Here

Shane and Katie hand make their boards with a variety of locally-sourced hardwoods: maple, cherry, oak, walnut and more. The style and size options are customizable. I love “The Standard”— perfect for cheese boards! (I heart cheese). They’re selling out quick so check them out via the link above!

Shane and Katie are offering 15% off your entire order from January 1-January 31 with the code THECHARLESTONHOME15!

crewlala charleston

Crew LaLa | Shop Their Dog Collars, Bows & More Here

Something for the pups!!! I mean, how cute is that bowtie collar?! If you’re like me and your dog is your first born, you’ll love their freakin’ adorable matching bowties for the human boys and matching infinity scarves for human girls!

hemming birds charleston

Hemming Birds | Shop Burp Cloths, Bibs & More Here

Hand made in Charleston, Yana’s burp clothes are so sweet and stylish. I really love all the patterns she uses. Get one for the fashionable baby in your life!

Yana is offering you 15% off your order through December 16 with the promo code THECHARLESTONHOME!

bulldog tours charleston

Bulldog Tours | Get Your Tickets Here

Schedule a date night or bring your bestie to a haunted City Jail tour!!! I got tickets for my husband for Christmas this year (shh!). There are several other tours, too, if you’re a scaredy cat.

be well skincare charleston

Be Well Detox Mask | Shop Detox Mask & More Here

The Detox Mask pulls impurities, dirt, and grime from your pores, revealing smoother, softer skin and smaller pores. It reduces breakouts, calms and nourishes the skin. Yes yes and yes!! Also check out their newest product: the Replenish Oil Roller!

Be Well is offering my readers 10% off your entire order through December 31! No minimum.

urbane baby charleston

Urbane Baby | Shop Bibs, Dresses & More Here

When I saw Urbane Baby at the market downtown and spotted this Charleston pattern on a bib, I HAD to get one for each of the new babies in my life. They both live out of state but I like to impose my love for Charleston on anyone and everyone.

Urbane Baby is offering y’all 15% off your order with promo code THECHARLESTONHOME!


Oysters All Around | Shop Their Oyster Wreaths & More Here

I think these wreaths are so unique. And they work on your door all year long.

theatre 99 charleston

Theatre 99 | Grab Your Improv Comedy Tickets Here

The best $5-$16 you’ll spend in Charleston. I’ve been probably 15 times. Improv Riot is my favorite. It’s truly a hidden gem. You’d never know the theatre was there if someone didn’t tell you. You’re welcome.

kim graham photography charleston

Kim Graham Prints | Purchase This Print & More Here

Charleston perfection in a photo. I’ve been following Kim on Instagram for probably 4 years now. She is phenomenal. Her print shop is linked above. Here is her Instagram page to swoon over, too.

Kim is offering my readers 10% off any order from her print shop with the promo code THECHARLESTONHOME!

dodeline design charleston

Dodeline Design | Shop The Tea Towels & More Here

A pineapple with Christmas lights?! I just love it. Someone on your list could use a little bit of this Charleston charm in their kitchen!

Sarah is giving y’all a buy one, get one 40% off on these tea towels with the promo code TEAFORTWO!

graefic design charleston

Graefic Design Trucker Hat | Shop Trucker Hats, Baseball Hats & More Here

I just love the design of this hat. They have a really cute hat for women, too, that I love. The “chs” is in cursive and it’s a little different than those CHS hats you see all over. They also just got a brand new batch of mugs with that logo. Check them out!

They’re offering you 10% off your order with the promo code THECHARLESTONHOME!

gray house design charleston

Pet Portraits by Gray House Design Co | Order Your Custom Pet Portrait & More Here

Kayla did one of these of my baby Luna!!! How beautiful?! And it truly looks just like her. Most pet parents are obsessed with their dogs (or cats!) and would surely love one of these as a gift.

Kayla is offering y’all 10% off your entire with the promo code THECHARLESTONHOME. Expires Dec 16.

candlefish charleston

Candlefish Candlemaking Workshop | Get Your Tickets Here

Make your own candle and customize your fragrance at Candlefish. You pour and bring home two 9 ounce candles, and it’s BYOB! Such a fun, different activity to do with your bestie.