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Guest Bathroom Refresh That Cost Me $0

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I’m pretty proud of the “before” and “after” on this one! The master bathroom vanity project is getting more expensive by the day so I am loving this project that cost zero dollars but made a world of difference in the guest bathroom.

This vanity isn’t TERRIBLE, but it’s not my style at all. The funny thing is that this was one of the most updated parts of the home when we bought it because the majority of the the rest of the house was still original from 1986.


So I decided to paint it.

My friend Lauren suggested I pop off those decorative things/scrolls. Ummm, why didn’t I think of that?!

TJ helped me with that part. He used a little crowbar to pop them off. Then I applied wood putty to fill in some chunks that got pulled off, and sanded it down.

PS I had to watch like 4 youtube videos to figure out the dang sander but I DID IT. #girlpower

Next I taped the walls and the floor around the legs of the vanity. Ya know, to protect that high end vinyl flooring ;)

Then I applied a coat of the the cabinet enamel paint and let it dry over night.


I had to apply a couple coats of the top coat to get the right blend of what I wanted. (first it was too light). I landed on this shade and voilà!

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I put the doors back on and touched up a couple spots.

I thought our textured white shower curtain was really blah, so I exchanged it for one my sister gave to me when she moved into her new house. I also switched the bathmat with the one I had in the master bathroom.

Now it feels like a new bathroom! For free!

And just for fun….

Here’s the BEFORE before…

When we first bought the house. GASP!

I’ve put less than $40 into the whole bathroom so far (minus the wall paint).

I got the oval mirror on Facebook Marketplace for $10, the bin for toilet paper for like $7.99, and the little seagrass wastebasket for $19.99.

If my husband ever complains about me spending money, I’ll show him this complete before and after for under $40! :)