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My Favorite Amazon Buys 2018

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My husband and I spend too much money on Amazon. It’s too easy. Here are some of our favorites from 2018.

I’ve separated them into 3 groups: Around the House, His Favorites, and Just for Fun.

Around The House


Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

OK, if you’re under the age of like, 25, you might not appreciate this. But this steam mop is one of my favorites this year! It has 2 settings: for high steam or lower steam. You can add scented discs for some fragrance. The mop is easy to put on and off and clean.


hOmeLabs 3-in-1 Compact Ionic Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

I just like the idea of clean air. Plus we have a dog. Plus I like sleeping with a fan on for noise and this air purifier doubles as a fan, with a low and high setting. We got it late summer and I’ve replaced the air filter once so far. When you buy an air purifier you want the HEPA filter.

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Brielle Jersey Sheets

While living in Southwest Florida for 2 years, I begged my husband to let me get jersey sheets. Even though I knew they just wouldn’t work due to constant hot weather SWFL, I’d used them ever since I started buying my own sheets and I missed feeling cozy :(

I finally convinced him when we had an Amazon gift card we’d gotten as a wedding gift burning a hole in our pockets. I love these sheets. They are a little slinky and that bothers my husband but they are so soft and just….. cozy.


Cahill Fireplace Glass Door

Speaking of cozy, we are LOVING our wood burning fireplace in our new house. I haven’t had a wood burning fireplace since my childhood home in Connecticut. The first cold night a couple weeks ago we got all excited and started a fire but it got pretty smoky in the house. So we decided we needed one of these tempered glass doors to keep the smoke and ashes in. We used it on Thanksgiving and loved it. It’s a classy and sleek design, too. The color is just what it looks like in the photo.

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Nest Thermostat

I feel like I am late to the game on this one. Maybe you are too. But maybe you didn’t buy a house that had an incredibly difficult, not user friendly thermostat. We were so glad to see that one go. The Nest is soooo easy. It’s compatible with Alexa. It can even learn your schedule and adjust the temperature when you’re out of the house.


His Favorites

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Pocket Knife

I don’t know much about knives, but my husband loves this one. He actually lost the first one, then bought the exact same one again.

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Jumbo Bail Out Bag

TJ uses this for his hunting stuff. He loves that this bag it has a lot of pockets and it’s very study material. It can also fit a laptop. It can also be a murse (man purse) for a man’s everyday items.

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Silicone Wedding Rings

As you can probably tell from my husband’s first 2 favorites, he’s not a super fancy kind of guy. So he likes to dabble in these rubber rings on occasion. He also can’t wear his real ring at work. He technically isn’t supposed to wear these either but sometimes he does. They’re good for the gym, beach or boat days, etc.

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Waterproof Dry Bag

TJ likes to kayak fish so he got one of these to protect his cell phone. Good for the boat, beach, amusement park or white water rafting if that’s your thing. It also can fit your wallet, IDs, etc and comes in different sizes.


Just for Fun

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Gold Chunky Heel

I was a bride on a budget and I was pretty dang excited to find these on Amazon for about $30. I wanted a chunky and moderate heel because I wanted to be comfortable but also tall enough to reach TJ when we danced. (He’s 6”0 and I’m 5”0). I absolutely love these shoes. I’ll wear them again for another fancy event. Maybe NYE!

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Glass iPhone Screen Protector

I drop my iPhone way too much to ever go without one of these ever again. If you’re a phone dropper too, and your screen is naked, do your wallet a favor and get these. Next time you drop your phone, the screen protector might shatter but your actual phone won’t. I don’t know how I went 29 1/2 years without this.

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Anti Eyestrain Glasses for the Computer

I spend a large chunk of my days on my computer, and I have terrible vision. So I’d like to try to protect my eyes as much as possible. I searched and searched for small frames because I have a small face and head. These are “slim” and fit me well. They come in a couple different sizes and colors.


You Are A Badass - Book

One of my favorite books, ever. Lighthearted, funny, and motivational, written by a life coach. Highly recommend for absolutely anyone.

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Jewelry Cleaning Machine

Fun fact: when I first got engaged I didn’t clean my ring for like 3 months. I was clueless. Anyway I love this thing!! There’s different time settings depending on how dirty your jewelry is. I like to do 180 seconds then flip my rings over and do another 180 seconds. I use this jewelry cleaner solution with it.


Hope y’all are able to get some great discounts on any of these you might want to try for yourself!

Heads up! My posts may contain affiliate links. Should you purchase anything through the link, you won’t pay a penny more but I’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Thanks so much for your support!

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