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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

photo by  Dreampop Media
photo by  Dreampop Media

Some of you may already know me personally (thanks friends and family for reading!) but lots of you don’t. So instead of boring you with a whole bio, here’s some random fun facts about me. If you want to read a little about about how I started this blog, visit my About page.

1.     I can write backwards.

2.     Other than my hometown and college, I’ve lived in Nantucket, London, San Francisco and Fort Myers, FL.

3.    I am obsessed with my pit/greyhound mix Luna who I rescued as a college graduation gift to myself.

4.     I grew up on a small quiet street in Connecticut where more than half of my neighbors were cousins, and my grandparents lived across the street.

5.     I got into the Fashion Institute of Technology but decided not to go. Then I tried applying again to transfer freshman year and they denied me. Definitely meant to be that I didn’t go.

6.     I’m 5 feet tall exactly. When I got my driver’s license when I was 16 in Connecticut, I had to give my weight and height and I said 5”1 because I thought for sure I would still grow. I did not.

7.     I was one of the first people hired at Airbnb and worked there for almost 4 years.

8.     Since I’ve worked from home for most of my adult life, I know just about every single coffee shop downtown and in Mount Pleasant so let me know if you want a recommendation!

9.     Three out of my 4 grandparents are 100% English and 2 were born in England. I’m also a little Irish- that’s where the hair and freckles come from.

10. I’ve had a crush on my husband since I was about 17 years old, and the feeling was reciprocated but neither of us knew this until years after high school and we didn’t start dating until even another 3 years after that. <3

Tell me a random fact about yourself!